1998 Clinical and Scientific Meeting

Dr Philippe Bottero

Nyons, France

Rickettsiae and Chlamydiae in Patient Psychopathology: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Report

Since 1981 98 CFS patients have been treated by courses of antibiotics; for a minimum of six months. In up to 84% of cases important improvement resulted. Rickettsiae and Chlamydiae are small intra-cells GRAM (-) bacteria.

Rickettsiae are transmitted by some insects and animals, Chlamydiae by sexual contact or by exposure to animals. In Europe the principal strains are: R conorii, R mooserii, R prowazekii, C burnettii, C trachomatis, & C pneumoniae.

Following Charles Nicolle (1) many writers have shown the clinical and epidemiological consequences of the long survival of Rickettsiae in the reticular endothelial system; the walls of blood vessels and their secretion of vasoconstrictive toxins (2). Since World War II, many workers have reported that Rickettsiae and Chlamydiae are involved in chronic psychopathology and have noted concomitant vascular problems both peripheral and central (3-5). Bottero reported, in 1987, 60 differing cases of psychopathology (with many CFS) associated with Rickettsiae and Chlamydiae and circulatory and other problems (6).

Diagnosis is confirmed by the laboratory testing of a blood serum using the micro-agglutination on glass technique of Giroud & Giroud (7) by Prof J.B Jadin, of Anterwerp, Belgium, with special antigens cultured on guinea pig lungs and chicken embryos. R conorii, R mooserii, R prowazekii, can present cross reactions.

Treatment of the patients is based on repeated courses of antibiotics (cyclines and/or macrolides) together with vasodilatory medication, chloroquine, and warm baths.

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