1998 Clinical and Scientific Meeting

Dr. W. DeB O'Hare BSc.MBBS and Mrs. Chi Chi Murray [1]

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Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS

In 1956 I first heard of outbreak of CFS at Royal Free Hospital, London and later in Punta Gorda, Florida. While working at Coast Hospital, Sydney in 1958 several glandular fever patients were admitted with hepatitis - all recovered quickly. In general practice at Nathalia 1960-1990, a few cases of CFS were seen - one after influenza (1968) and another after EBV infection.

From 1970 on, cases began occurring more often and were slow to recover. In 1971 first case of CFS after Ross River virus was seen. While in Central Queensland l990-1996, more severe prolonged cases were seen.

I met Mrs Chi Chi Murray about 1991 and suggested using her method:
1) Gerson Therapy and vegetarian diet; and
2) Reliv Now compound.

Initial results were spectacular and I sent some 17 patients to her; word of mouth led to another 11 patients.

Causative Factors (Some Cases Are Combinations)

  1. Ross River Virus 9
  2. Fall Off Horse & Influenza 1
  3. EBV Virus 9
  4. Malaria 1
  5. Influenza 1
  6. Lupus & RRV 1
  7. Hospital Staph Infection 1
  8. Influenza/Lupus 1
  9. EBV & RRV 2
  10. Cancer Of Cervix 1
  11. Uncertain (Q Fever) 1

A Cure - Full Recovery 19
B Partial - Normal/Lesser Activities 8
C Failure 1


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