1999 Clinical and Scientific Meeting

Richard Schloeffel MBBS, FRACGP, FAMAS, Dip Acup (China)

Suite 2, 802 Pacific Highway,
Gordon 2072

Case Presentations

1/ Female, age 20: diagnosed with post-glandular fever CFS 5 years ago. Developed severe hyperemesis, constipation, bilateral eyelid ptosis, sleep and cognitive dysfunction, tachycardia and myalgia. Recently diagnosed with Mycoplasma fermentan, PCR DNA positive. Also found to have a severely delayed gastric emptying time but rapid bowel transit. Refractory to numerous therapies, with two hospital admissions for naso-duodenal feeding due to severe weight loss. Appeared to relapse further with doxycycline therapy for the mycoplasma. Currently undergoing bowel bacterial flora replacement. Possible bacterial infection of the enteric flora is producing bacterial toxins causing gastroparesis and other CFS/neurological symptoms.

2/ Male, age 21: who travelled to Papua New Guinea in 1996 where he contracted a severe gastroenteritis with 25kg weight loss in 7 days. A diagnostic cause of this episode was not made. Continued to have relapses of GIT symptoms and developed CFS symptoms including headaches, postural hypotension, tachycardia, muscle and joint pains, cognitive and sleep dysfunction, severe fatigue and frustration. Previously a State-grade athlete. Fully investigated with no cause found except for positive Mycoplasma fermentan PCR DNA and thalossaemia minor.

He was commenced doxycycline 100mg tbd, nystatin 500,000 units ii bd for 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off cycles 2 months ago. Also on tryptanol 5mg i nocte, melatonin 3mg i nocte, digestive enzymes i tds, cytobifidus bacteria 1 tsp bd, vitamin B, C and zinc one daily, chromium 200µg i daily, selenium 50µg daily, Efamol marine 1100mg ii bd, vitamin E 500mg i daily, co-enzyme Q10 10mg i daily.

Currently improving with no headaches, normal sleep, less muscular pain, less fatigue and only occasional GIT symptoms.


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