Address to Federal Government Policy Committee of Health and Aging

Christine Hunter, December 2002

ME/CFS: Canadian Consensus Document
A Clinical Case Definition and Guidelines for Medical Practicioners

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National ME/FM Action Network A Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the recognition and understanding of ME/CFS and FMS through education, advocacy, support, and research.
Reviews Consensus Document - Reviews

Misattributions and their Serious Consequences

Who Will Protect the Children? Association for the Welfare of Child Health, 7th National Conference–address, Christine Hunter.
World-Wide Tragedy International reports of young people with ME/CFS being mistaken for victims of child abuse.
How the law is being abused to force treatment on children 'How the law is being abused to force treatment on children'
Daily Telegraph UK, The Countess of Mar–House of Lords, UK.

AHMF Advocacy Package

Critical Issues for ME/CFS: Critical issues for ME/CFS
Issues of Severity–ME/CFS Issues of severity–ME/CFS
Letter: Dr Philip Lee Letter–Dr Philip Lee
DVD: Who Will Protect the Children? Dr Nigel Speight, Consultant Pediatrician John Chapman PhD

Personal Story

Turning Point Jessica Miller

UK CMO Report on CFS

Concerns about the Forthcoming UK CMO Report on ME/CFS
Sally Montague, Malcolm Hooper

Medical Debates

Data out of date
Australian Doctor
Making Fatigue Less Tiresome
Med J Aust 1996; 164: 580-581
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What's in a name?
Med J Aust 1995; 163: 285-286


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