RACP Guidelines for CFS

Betrayal of the Severely Ill?
Appendix 13: Letter from the SA ME/CFS Society to the RACP Working Group

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17 April 1998

To: Members of the RACP Working Group on Clinical Guidelines for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I am writing to you in support of the accompanying submission from Christine Hunter of the Alison Hunter Foundation.

On behalf of the ME/CFS Society (SA) Inc, I ask you to consider very carefully the matters raised in her letter.

In particular I would ask that the final Guidelines document should give more information about the severe end of the CFS spectrum. Since becoming President of this state society recently, I have personally become more aware of some of the severely ill CFS sufferers in South Australia. I am concerned that there is a tendency to overlook them because they are bedbound or hospitalised and not able to be as vocal or active as other sufferers.

Significant charnges to the first Draft have been requested by many of those who have responded to it. In our own response, we have aleady asked that a further draft be released for public scrutiny before final publication. I urge you to support this, and draw your attention again to the opening paragraphs of Christine Hunter's letter.

Your careful consideration of these matters will have a far-reaching effect on the lives of many thousands of Australians affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Yours sincerely
Simon Fisher

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