RACP Guidelines for CFS

Betrayal of the Severely Ill?
Appendix 2: CHROME 1997 Progress Report

CHROME - Case History of Research on M.E.
3 Britannia Road, London SW6 2HJ

Trustees: Ray Gibbons BSc, Inge Heinrish PhD Msc, Geoffrey Jackson BA PhD, Colin Parratt BSc, Chris Richards MA PhD, Dennis Richards BA, Mary Simmonds, Rev Ken Street MA.
Advisors: Peter O. Behan MD DSc FACP FRCP, Dr E.G. Dowsett MB ChB Dip Bact, Dr Derek Pheby BSc MBBS MPhil LL.M MFPHM, Dr Layinka Swimburne BSc MB ChB FRCP FRCPath

"It should be noted that no longitudinal study of chronic cases has yet been attempted. From the CHROME study a body of statistical data will be collected and analysed which will supplement research in important ways and could even alter its direction. Since all work so far published describes short term projects, there may be dangers implicit in failure to follow up individual cases systematically. One danger emerges already from our findings, strongly suggesting deterioration after treatment based on cognitive behaviour theory (CBT)."

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