RACP Guidelines for CFS

Betrayal of the Severely Ill?
Appendix 9: Letter from Christine Hunter to Ian Hickie

20 July 1998

Professor Ian Hickie
Academic Department of Psychiatry
St George Hospital and Community Health Sevice
7 Chapel Street

Dear Ian

In reply to your letter of May 29, 1998 to the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation AHMF, we confirm our Foundation committee's interest in accurately presenting the issues surrounding ME/CFS.

The research information included in our correspondence to the members of the RACP Working Group was provided to the AHMF in response to a general enquiry to both the NHMRC and the Minister for Health, regarding lack of funding for CFS research.

We note you misquote us with "$454,000/year, when at no time have we represented $454,000 as a per year amount. In our correspondence to members of the RACP Working Group on CFS (April 27, 1998) we have stated only the figure of $454,000 for research into ME/CFS. Neither J. Tosolini in her article in the NSW ME/CFS Newsletter (Summer 96/97, pp10-11) nor the Hansard extract, enclosed with our correspondence indicated or implied that the $454,000 research grant was an annual amount.

We are seeking further clarification and would be grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Yours sincerely,

Christine Hunter
Annette Leggo, Michael Lyones, Tony Peri, Maureen Stephenson, Jim Walsh
Executive Committee
Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation

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