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Canadian doctor releases self help manual for patients with ME/CFS, FM and MCS.

let your light shine through"Let your light shine through" is designed for patients and has enough referenced medical material for health care professionals.
In this manual Dr. Stein shares the ideas and strategies that she has found to be the most successful for patients in her ME/CFS, FM and MCS practice.
Readers are guided through the 260 page, four month program specific to these conditions. There are scores of management suggestions and tools for how to use them. Mission: Better health.
"Let your light shine through" includes both self-management strategies and those that require the assistance of a health care professional.
Purchasable from in various formats.


CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME M.E.: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management
By Dr Rosamund Vallings MNZM, MB BS

Foreword: (By Professor Warren P. Tate, FRSNZ, CNZM)

Not surprisingly, Dr Vallings has gained a strong reputation throughout New Zealand for her unique insight into, and knowledge of, CFS/ME.
Internationally, she has also gained enormous respect from medical and scientific experts as a result of her significant contributions to discussions of the disease, and her service to the global CFS/ME association, IACFS.
Dr Rosamund Vallings is now a colossus in the CFS/ME community.
This invaluable book is a comprehensive, accessible treaties on CFS/ME, written for people affected by the disease. It will also be highly valued by medical practitioners and researchers alike. The introductory chapters are followed by sections relating CFS/ME to the functions of key body systems, such as the brain, the immune system and the endocrine system, known to be critically affected by the illness.
Collectively, the book provides all the essential information for people affected by CFS/ME, explaining how the illness affects their bodies, and how to manage the chronic nature of the disease at various stages of their lives. It is a much needed bible of information, and a significant addition to Dr Valling's already well recognised, outstanding contributions to the diagnosis, treatment and management of CFS/ME.

ME/CFS Australia (Victoria) have a number of books and resources available for members and others to buy, including CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME M.E.: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management.

Ordering information can be found on their website ME/CFS Australia (Victoria).







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