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The guidelines as they stand are open to abuse and could be used to the detriment of the health of people with a chronic illness. There is still concern about the possibility of patients being forced into inappropriate treatment options under this draft of the guidelines; children are particularly at risk. There are too many stories of children's separation from their families because of the mislabelling of CFS as psychiatric and disagreements over its appropriate treatment. Such cases should not continue.

With all of the above points in mind, this draft of the guidelines is still considered inadequate and potentially damaging. It is recommended that they be withdrawn and redrafted ab initio.

It may be appropriate to await publication of the Canadian clinical definitions and treatment protocols for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. It is understood that the Canadian project achieved a consensus conspicuously lacking in Australia, and its documentation may provide an appropriate basis for Australian guidelines.

Frances B Sandbach
Hon Treasurer
On behalf of the Committee,
ACT ME/CFS Society Inc

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