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11th March, 1997

Chris Hunter
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Gordon NSW NSW 2072
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Dear Chris

Re: Clinical Practice Guidelines in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
A Submission by an Independent Group of Consumers

Thank you for your submission. I have read your submission carefully. I was impressed with the cogent arguments that you put forward and your analysis of our present state of scientific knowledge with regards to Chronic fatigue syndrome. Your submission raised a number of important points which I can assure you have been discussed at several meetings by members of the Advisory Committee. Whilst I have not had a chance to discuss your submission with other members of the committee I am aware that they have received a copy of this submission and I am sure all members will review your submission before we finalise our report. Many members of our committee have put an enormous amount of work into the preparation of the report and as you will be aware having recently reviewed the literature there is an enormous amount of scientific material now available that makes any attempt to summarise the present state of knowledge about this condition quite onerous. You have raised many valid and important points in your contribution and I will certainly take these into consideration as I am sure other members of the committee will.

I would appreciate it if you would thank the other members of your committee for their well thought out contribution.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Denis Wakefield


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