Invest in ME Conference 2009

Management, Treatments and the Latest Advances in Research into ME/CFS

The conference DVD is dedicated to the memory of Alison Hunter.
Invest in ME wish to thank the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation for their support in funding the DVD of the conference.

The full presentations from the 2009 conference plus plenary and interview sessions with some of the speakers.

2009 Conference Mrs Annette Whittemore Professor Garth Nicolson
Professor Harald Nyland Dr. Jonathan Kerr
Dr. Barbara Baumgarten Professor Kenny De Meirleir
Dr. Daniel Peterson Professor Basant Puri
Dr. John Chia Dr. Judy Mikovits
Hillary Johnson Professor Jonathan Brostoff

Including the pre-conference Hillary Johnson presentation: The CDC and its Influence Around the World.



Invest in ME Conference 2009 DVD
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